The best 1 of seafood Shrimp Sandwich!

The best 1 of seafood Shrimp Sandwich!


The seafood Recipe for your diet


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“This sandwich is a tasty and straightforward way to enjoy seafood such as shrimp, and you can customize it with your own toppings and seasonings. Typically, the main component of a seafood sandwich is shrimp.”


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Seafood Shrimp Sandwich

What’s up foodie game this is east with-ton with another recipe blog look today we’re making a seafood club sandwich; this recipe is inspired by miss pat all the way in Baltimore Maryland


The best part about it we are smoking the shrimp.


Salad of shrimp(seafood):


One pound of peeled and cleaned shrimp,1/4 red onion

One celery stem, cut thinly, To season the shrimp

add 1/2 tsp. Old the Bay area.

halving the mayonnaise Combination

1-2 Tsp Creole spice

1 tsp fresh lemon juice, 1 tsp olive oil


Let’s get into this fun easy recipe look we’re going to start off with the shrimp we’re going to clean and devein the shrimp and we’re going to season it, we want to make sure that it’s seasoned well combined all of the ingredients will be in the description for you don’t worry so get everything you need all right so once we go ahead and mix everything

We’re going to cook this in the air-fryer you can sautes it, only take two minute or three minute and it’s pretty simple and it takes the hassle out of cooking in the kitchen well

So we are gonna make sure it’s spread out evenly and we’re gonna put that in the air-fryer now while that’s in the air-fryer. We will make seafood sauce


Sauce on Seafood(shrimp):


* Before using, prepare and keep in the refrigerator for at least two hours.


One-third cup mayonnaise

One tsp mustard

tsp of mustard

One tsp horseradish

One tsp spicy sauce

One or two garlic cloves, pressed

Paprika, smoked, 1 teaspoon

Cajun or Old Bay spice, one teaspoon

One-half cup lemon juice






– Dredge shrimp in olive oil and spices. Set the air fryer to 375 degrees for two to three minutes.


– Once somewhat chilled, combine mayonnaise, onion, celery, lemon juice, and creole spice; keep aside for shrimp.


– Include shrimp and mix.


– Smoke inside while according to the smoker’s instructions.


– Refrigerate shrimp salad for at least 1 hour.


– Begin the crab cake wet mixture; refer to the video


– Prepare the crab cakes and refrigerate for at least 30


– Bring vegetable oil to 350 degrees.


– Deep fry the crab cake for 3–4 minutes, or until golden brown.



We’re gonna go ahead and begin with our Shrimp Salad Soda File Mayonnaise Mixture. the addition of some fresh lemon juice, celery, red onion, and—above all—a dash of black pepper.

But most importantly, we’re going to add some good owl’ creole seasoning. And while that’s happening, the shrimp will be cooked—that is, they will have had time to cool completely before being added to the mixture.
Once the shrimp is added, you should stir everything together to make sure everything is well combined. once that’s combined the next step taste about one or two shrimp don’t eat all of it, we need it for sandwich put that third one down, we’re going to go ahead


Here we will make a Crab Cake:




Lump crab meat, 16 ounces


Worcestershire sauce, two teaspoons


One teaspoon Dijon mustard (or yellow mustard)


2 tablespoons of mayo


One teaspoon of Old Bay seasoning, adjusted to taste


I substituted Trader Joe’s Golden Rounds for the 1/2 cup of crushed Ritz.


One big egg


1 tsp freshly chopped parsley



So, we have our condiment salad, tomato we using brioche bread we love the butteryness and the sweetness to the bread it complements the seafood very well

Instead of putting mayo on this sandwich use Krebs sauce which all right so add the lettuce some fresh cut tomatoes the we are going to go ahead and add some crispy bacon add carb cake then we’re going to go ahead and make next level so we are going to go ahead and add that piece of bread there and that’s going to hold the shrimp salad and bread ahead


Here a Sandwich the following parts:


briquet bread








In conclusion


A shrimp sandwich is a delectable and adaptable dish that you can make quickly and with not many ingredients. It is a delectable way to experience shrimp tastes, and you can simply make it your own by using your preferred ingredients and seasonings.

A gratifying alternative for a quick lunch or dinner, a shrimp sandwich may be made as basic as shrimp and mayonnaise or as ornate as you like with a variety of toppings.

You may personalize it with your own toppings and seasonings to make an easy and delectable shrimp sandwich.


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