Tasty & Simple Seafood 1 of Salad Recipe


“Tasty & Simple Seafood Salad Recipe”



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” Take advantage of your tasty salad of scallops and shrimp! By using other items like avocados, cucumbers, or roasted red peppers, you can make this salad your own.”


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Cookout season is quickly approaching and now we will show you our absolute favorite cookout side dish this my recipe for seafood salad but before start we do that, please follow us

A delightful and light dish is a shrimp and scallop salad. The following is a quick recipe for a nice shrimp and scallop salad:


Let’s keep it moving on the seafood salad guys here’s the ingredients that you are gone do.

Ingredients (seafood)


One-half pound of shrimp is required.

a pound and a half of bay scallops

a little Duke’s mayo

tasty relish

a serving of macaroni

a little amount of seasoning mix

Jumbo lump carbohydrate meat and claw carbohydrate

Red bell pepper onion celery and lemon


Instructions (seafood)


Start the pasta water while we prepare the vegetables. Slice the top off of the bell pepper because we are using green celery, which obviously makes the contrast in color look nice. If you prefer not to use bell pepper, you can leave it out. Go ahead and give your bell pepper a nice rough chop; keep in mind that you want all of your vegetables to be the same size to make it more enjoyable to eat.


Now that celery has been diced, we’re going to aim to make it around the same size as the bell pepper, so we’ll either use one or two ribs, depending on how big the celery is.


Go ahead and get that out of the wat and then we’re moving on to our onion we’re using one half of white onion or a yellow onion, you can use red onion too they have a little bit more bite to them we usually like to use a sweet onion, so we’re going to dice up that half of an onion

And that should be about it for our vegetable prep

currently about to salt the pasta water now, so don’t be shy with the salt; once it comes to a boil, go ahead and add your macaroni noodles; we’re using about a half pound of macaroni.


Once the pasta is cooked, we’re going to put it in the refrigerator to cool off, and then we’re going to start cooking our seafood. To do this, melt one tablespoon of butter in a skillet over medium heat and add our base ingredients. Shrimp with scallops (the scallops at the bottom are optional) Bay scallops were on sale, so whenever they’re on sale I’ll get them. If you only want to use shrimp and crab that is completely up to you. You could even add some lobster in here if you like. and add them to the shrimp


We’re going to season it with all-purpose seasoning, which includes salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. We will provide you with information as soon as our own all-purpose seasoning is available for purchase.

And after that, we’ll be preparing some old bay and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

We’ll cook this for four to five minutes, or until the seafood reaches an internal temperature of around 145 degrees.

You’ll transfer the seafood to a mixing bowl once it’s cooked to your preference. Don’t let that wonderful liquid go to waste, though.

We are going in with about a half cup of that a couple tablespoons of sweet relish some fresh lemon zest this really gives a nice pop and kind of cuts through some of the fat and creaminess from the mayonnaise, really brings everything together some fresh squeezed lemon juice

Due to we’re on a tight budget, once the flavor is where we want it, we’ll add a half pound of claw crab meat. After that, we’ll add the more expensive lump crab meat, but you can use either one. Just make sure to taste as you go to adjust the flavor to your liking.

Once it’s perfect, we’ll add that elbow macaroni, approximately a half pound, and just give that beautiful blend a final stir. After combining everything, add the veggies, which include our bell pepper, celery, and onion. Add that as much as you can to the celebration.

There we were entering with that delectable shrimp and scallop combo we had previously created, fold that in as well we have an absolute seafood


This my favorite dishes, going in with some green onion for a pop of color and look delicious, below is a little bowl spin for you, individuals.




A delicious and filling dish that mixes the delicate aromas of seafood with the freshness of different vegetables and a spicy dressing is a shrimp and scallop salad. The crispness of the salad greens, the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes, and the aromatic basil leaves all contribute to a wonderful symphony of tastes and textures, while the juicy shrimp and soft scallops offer a lovely seafood component. Feta cheese is an optional ingredient that offers a creamy and tangy contrast.


This salad not only tempts the taste senses, but it also provides a balanced meal. It offers a well-rounded alternative for individuals seeking a nutritious and delectable supper because it is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals.


Shrimp and scallop salad is a tasty recipe that can be tailored to suit different preferences, whether it is served as a light lunch or a lovely supper choice. It’s a proven method to sate your hunger for seafood while remaining energized and satiated thanks to a tasty dressing and a blend of ingredients that elegantly complement one another.

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