Simple and Delicious Noodles that Centered Around An Asian Stable Noodles

Simple and Delicious Noodles that Centered Around An Asian Stable Noodles

Delicious Noodles Asian Stable Noodles


Some of the best street food I’ve ever eaten one of those little markets was filled with smells of delicious food that centered around an Asian staple noodles. You’ll be Surprised how quick and easy it is to knock up delicious dinner, we will show you the delicious noodles. First off we’re going to give you few simple recipes noodles

Were everyone trying to find a tasty dinner that you can eat quickly and enjoy? The solution lies in Asian noodles! People all throughout the world have embraced these little yet adaptable threads of pleasure in their hearts and kitchens. This post will go into the realm of easy and delectable noodles, with a focus on Asian staple noodles.

Chinese Noodles Made by Hand

See how to make noodles by hand. These labor-intensive noodles have an unmatched texture and flavor, so the work is well worth it.

Mapo cabbage Noodles

A tasty and filling dish, Mapo Cabbage Noodles mixes the robust flavors of mapo tofu with the crisp of cabbage and the comfort of noodles. It’s a distinctive take on a traditional Chinese meal that will delight your palate. A delectable flavor experience is produced by the blending of spicy, salty , and somewhat sweet elements. For people who like hot and substantial food, it is terrific option. If you enjoy meals with mapo tofu or cabbage, you must try their mapo cabbage, you must try their mapo cabbage noodles.


Asian Noodles: Their History

Asian cuisine has used noodles for more than the million years. It is said that noodles originated in China and eventually made their way to other Asian nations. Asian noodles are highly diverse, with each location having its own distinct style and assortment of noodles.


Easy and Tasty Noodles: A Pleasurable Treat for the Senses


Asian noodles are so much fun to cook with. They may be used in a variety of delicious meals and are quite adaptable. Asian noodles are great for a variety of dishes, including saucy, savory noodle dishes, bowls of soup that are calming, and fiery stir-fries.


  • 120 g Cabbage(can use normal cabbage)
  • 1/4 Onion
  • 40 g chives (can be omitted)
  • 80 g, 4 shiitake mushrooms
  • 35 g green onion
  • 25 g (2.5 tbsp.) starch powder
  • 32 g (4 Tbsp. ) Water
  • 250 g Chinese noodles

recipe sauce

  • 100 g Ground pork
  • 8g (1Tbsp) soy sauce
  • 5g(0.5Tbsp) chicken stock
  • 5g(0.5Tbsp) oyster sauce
  • 25(1Tbsp) doubanjiang sauce ( chili bean sauce)
  • 10g (1Tbsp) chili powder
  • 700ml Water



  • cut the cabbage diagonally
  • cut the onion half cut and chives, mushrooms and green onion.
  • put starch powder in bowl and add water and make the starch in advance
  • in boiling water and put the noodles
  • stir in between to prevent the noodles from sticking to the bottom
  • Finish when the noodles are about 70% cooked (take 5 minutes)
  • Rinse the noodles in cold water

cooking with oil

  • Roast pork as if deep-fried, if it is brown in color and thoroughly roasted
  • chopped green onion, if the green onion is fully cooked
  • add cabbage, also add onion, fry on high heat
  • you can burn a little bit of vegetable to give it a smoky flavor
  • when the vegetables start to lose strength little by little
  • add soy sauce, stir-fry while burning soy sauce until it tastes Smokey
  • add chicken stock and oyster sauce, chili bean sauce and chili powder
  • mix quickly to avoid burning
  • put water and add shiitake mushrooms
  • when it starts to boil, add the noodles and chives
  • when it boils again, add starch water and stir quickly

this appetizing color is sure to win the umami even before you eat it.


Asian noodles provide a plethora of wonderful tastes and textures, making them a gastronomic gem. Because of its adaptability, you may make tasty and easy-to-make noodle recipes that suit your tastes. Explore the amazing world of Asian noodles to sate your appetites, whether they be for a warm Japanese ramen or a fiery Thai dish.

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