Day: September 6, 2023

How To Make Lemon chicken romano and rice were made At home

  He made food for me! He prepared an entire lunch for me after 20 years of dating. Lemon chicken romano and rice were made by Chris and the kids. That was Amazing! Tonight, we’re having caprese-like salad without basil and lemon chicken romano! This chicken has such a great taste.  A new…

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The Cube Robuchon Most virulent croissant of 2023 ?

Most virulent croissant of 2023… Le Cube Robuchon! Just take a look at these gorgeous creations and tell me the craftsmanship isn’t comparable to a piece of art! Where have you been if you haven’t seen these yet? INSTAGRAM @Ataspalates is the creator of the iconic cube croissants, which have been making quite…

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